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Our Mission.

We take the Light into the darkness created by the abortion industry... Proclaiming to the blind that Jesus Christ is the answer in dealing with the struggles of life... Taking the message throughout America that pre-born babies have a right to life; to churches, abortion centers, high schools, colleges and the streets. 


Our campus outreach has taken us to over two hundred colleges. We set up our banners in each campus center for two days and engage students with the truth.

High Schools

Abortion Clinics

Our Project Truth team has handed out hundreds of thousands of brochures in front of high schools. Most students are willing to read our material and we have saved babies and changed lives because of the high school outreach.

There are over 700 abortion mills in America, and our country has exterminated 62 million pre-born babies since 1973. It is hard to put one’s mind around that number. We stand in front of these mills every week and plead for the lives of those babies.

Unlock the Truth Brochure.

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